Cemento Collection of Encaustic Cement Tiles

Lively and Authentic Encaustic Tiles Handcrafted to Perfection

Without a doubt, Encaustic Tile is possibly one of the most authentic and spirited ways in which you can achieve a burst of liveness to your beloved home. It doesn’t matter if you have Encaustic Tile applied to your shower, other areas in bathrooms, backsplash in kitchens, floors, or even on your patio – Cemento Collection’s Encaustic tile will enhance the vitality of any area in your home.

Cemento Collection custom patterns with deep pigmentations will most certainly make the most irrelevant room stand out like never before. Cemento Collection offers their customers a wide assortment of styles that will suit any setting and/or room in your home.

The creative craftsmen at Cemento Collection, are experienced experts in the art of ornate Encaustic Tile. Cemento Collection’s Encaustic Tiles are created through a process, which combines a fine coat of dehydrated ground, a coat of Portland cement and later, a coarser coat of cement and sand. Once this process is completed, the meticulous craftsmen at Cemento Collection then press in different colors and designs.

Our Encaustic Tiles are made in a thorough and detailed fashion, which ensure the very best quality. Cemento Collection develops floor tile designs for all types of homes. Any design you select with us will make your home unique and lively. Best of all, it will stand out with its new acquired brilliance.

Here at Cemento Collection we are committed in the craftsmanship of Encaustic Tiles, that are fitted for any type of home and also, to your own personal décor styles.

Call Cemento Collection today and allow creative professionals help you choose the perfect Encaustic Tile for your home! You will be greeted by one of our team members, who will help you throughout the entire choosing process, which can sometimes be overwhelming with so many beautiful choices.

Call us today and allow us to help you get through the process with ease and with the assistance of professional input about your selections.