Roselle Cement Tile

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Recommended : Sealant

Recommended Sealer: Miracle 511 Products Plus

Recommended Adhesive: Mapei ultraflex LFT

One tile is equal to .444 ft

Sq. Ft. Per Box: 5.32

Roselle 8x8 Cement Tile is a grey and white patterned tile. This handmade encaustic tile will look great on any wall and floor. For more information, please read the details section below.

$6 Per Tile              5.32 Sq.ft               $72.00 Per Box

*10% to 15% waste is recommended. Calculate waste before checkout.


Price per tile: $6

One tile is equal to .44 sq ft

2.25 tiles are equal to 1 sq ft

Sq. Ft. Per Box: 5.32

Color: Grey and White

Size: 8"x 8"

Weight: 3 lb

Thickness: 5/8"



Roselle Cement Tile is a fine handcrafted tile. After a long research in Europe, Africa, and Asia; we decided to manufacture our cement tiles in Vietnam. It is cost efficient comparing to other countries. Quality; we use made in USA paints to give the vibrant colors to our patterned tiles. All of our tiles are pre-sealed at the factory. So, there will not be any color bleeding or stains on on our tiles. We recommend our buyers to use ''DRY Treat'' sealant with our tiles. We do have matte and glossy options.