We are excited to present our newest addition, the Cotto Porcelain Tile Collection. This line of tiles has been inspired by the timeless appeal of traditional cotto, or "cooked earth", a nod to the age-old process of creating durable and beautiful terracotta.

Each tile in the Cotto Collection measures a convenient 2x20 inches, an ideal size to bring a rustic charm to a variety of settings. Whether it's a kitchen floor, a bathroom wall, or a living room centerpiece, these tiles impart a distinct warmth and earthy elegance to any space.

The tiles in this collection are made of high-quality porcelain, a material renowned for its exceptional strength, resistance to moisture, and durability. The nature of porcelain ensures that these tiles will not only withstand high footfall areas but also resist staining and fading, maintaining their beauty for years to come.

The Cotto Collection showcases a range of rich and earthy hues, from deep terracotta reds to softer beige and warm browns. Each tile is skillfully designed to capture the unique variations and charming imperfections of traditional cotto, giving your space an authentic, handcrafted feel.

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2 products