Tight Joint Herringbone Calacatta Gold with Brass Waterjet Mosaic

Tight Joint Herringbone Calacatta Gold with Brass Waterjet Mosaic

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One tile is equal to ft

Sq. Ft. Per Box:

Calacatta Gold Waterjet mosaic tiles can have curved or softer lines and frequently combine rare materials like mother-of-pearl, moonstone, and more with glass, metal, and natural stone. These unique tiles match each of our stunning stone collections to complete your look.

Waterjet cutting, in contrast to other cutting methods, gives you more control over the cutting and design process. There are no heat-affected areas in the tiles, so the pattern and durability may differ from those in non-heat-affected areas. As a result, the tiles' designs and strength are consistent throughout.

Delicately tailored waterjet, with a well-known Italian marble of Calacatta Gold Waterjet Mosaic. Marble with brass inlay, sounds charming right? This herringbone mosaic was garnished with brass inlays. Outcome? Marvelous!

  • Each sheet is 1 sq ft.
  • Product's origin is Italy.
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Calacatta Gold Waterjet Mosaic