Moroccan Zellige 2x6 Armor Grey Terracotta Tile



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One tile is equal to 0.83 ft

Sq. Ft. Per Box: 8.33

In the heart of the ancient city of Fez, nestled among winding alleys and vibrant souks, lies the birthplace of a time-honored artisanal craft: Handmade Moroccan Zellige 2x6 Armor Grey Terracotta Tiles. These magnificent tiles are a testament to the rich heritage and cultural tapestry of Morocco, their intricate designs and unique character breathing life into the spaces they grace.

The Armor Grey color, a sophisticated fusion of charcoal and slate, evokes the stoic beauty of the High Atlas mountains, their towering peaks enveloped in a veil of mysterious fog. The deep hue of these terracotta tiles lends a sense of depth and intrigue, inviting the observer to explore the stories held within their mosaic patterns.

Each 2x6 tile is meticulously handcrafted by master artisans, who have honed their skills through generations of inherited knowledge. The journey of these tiles begins with the extraction of natural clay, sourced from the bountiful Moroccan soil. The clay is then carefully prepared, using traditional methods passed down through time. The resulting terracotta, infused with the spirit of the land, becomes the canvas for the artisan's creative expression.

    Chiseled edge, one of a kind artwork of Handmade Moroccan Zellige Tile Armor Grey 2''x6'' Terracotta Tile is in stock here in NJ. Shipping nationwide!
    Armor Grey Zellige Tile