Ostracom Collection

Introducing our latest innovation: The Ostracom Collection, a breathtaking range of tiles that encompass the exquisite intersection of art, craft, and technology.

Our Ostracom Collection, named after the ancient method of inscribing on pottery shards, borrows its inspiration from the time-honored tradition of storytelling through form and texture. It consists of four variations, each meticulously handcrafted and presented in the generous dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 inches.

At the heart of this collection is Ostracom, a groundbreaking innovation born out of intensive research into the graphic definition of surfaces through a three-dimensional process. Ostracom artfully exploits the angle of light reflection to create a surface that evolves as the observer's perspective changes.

The remarkable feature of Ostracom is the imperfections intentionally imbued during its creation. The tiles are hand-carved with intricate engravings that capture and magnify the surface reflections, creating an ever-shifting spectacle that rewards every glance with a fresh vista.

We invite you to experience the unique beauty and innovative design of the Ostracom Collection - a celebration of craftsmanship and the transformative power of light and perspective.

4 products

4 products