Handmade Moroccan Zellige 2x6 Khaki Terracotta Tile



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One tile is equal to 0.83 ft

Sq. Ft. Per Box: 9

Introducing the fabulous Handmade Moroccan Zellige 4x4 Khaki Terracotta Tile, an exquisite representation of traditional Moroccan artistry and craftsmanship. These stunning tiles are the perfect blend of rich heritage and contemporary aesthetics, adding a touch of exotic charm to any interior or exterior design.

Each 4x4-inch tile is meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in Morocco using locally sourced, natural terracotta clay. The clay is shaped and glazed, then kiln-fired to create a one-of-a-kind, high-quality finish that is both durable and beautiful. The khaki color, a sophisticated blend of earthy greens and browns, evokes a sense of warmth and elegance, making these tiles ideal for a variety of spaces.

The Zellige tile design is characterized by its intricate geometric patterns and vibrant colors, reflecting centuries of Moroccan culture and artistic expression. The 4x4-inch format offers a versatile option for incorporating these eye-catching designs into your home or commercial space. Use these tiles for backsplashes, accent walls, or even outdoor patios to create a stunning visual impact that is sure to impress.

The handmade nature of these tiles ensures that each piece is truly unique, with subtle variations in color, texture, and pattern. This adds to their overall charm and allure, as they come together to form a cohesive, yet delightfully imperfect, design.

Easy to maintain and resistant to wear, the Handmade Moroccan Zellige 4x4 Khaki Terracotta Tile is an investment in lasting beauty and enduring style. Bring home a piece of Moroccan history and transform your space with these magnificent tiles today.

    Chiseled edge, one of a kind artwork of Handmade Moroccan Zellige Tile Khaki 2''x6'' Terracotta Tile is in stock here in NJ. Shipping nationwide!
    Khaki Zellige Tile