Moroccan Zellige 2x6 Tan Bejmat Terracotta Tile



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One tile is equal to .083 ft

Sq. Ft. Per Box: 9

Our Handmade Moroccan Zellige 2x6 Tan Terracotta Tile is a true embodiment of timeless beauty and artisanal craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Morocco, ensuring that every tile is a unique work of art. The natural tan terracotta hue radiates warmth and earthiness, bringing a sense of comfort and tranquility to any space it adorns.

The zellige technique, with its origins in the ancient world, boasts intricate geometric patterns and rich textures. The irregularities in shape, size, and coloration of each individual tile create a captivating mosaic that celebrates the beauty of imperfection. The subtle variations in glaze and surface texture evoke a sense of history and character, making every installation a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

The 2x6 size of these tiles allows for versatile design options, from intricate arrangements to simpler, more minimalist layouts. The tan terracotta color works harmoniously with a wide range of color palettes, making it an excellent choice for both traditional and contemporary interiors. Whether used for a kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, or as a striking feature in a living space, these tiles are sure to bring a sense of warmth and sophistication to your home.

In summary, our Handmade Moroccan Zellige 2x6 Tan Terracotta Tile is a stunning showcase of artisanal skill and natural beauty. Its rich history, warm hues, and captivating imperfections make it a truly exceptional addition to any interior design project.

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    Tan Bejmat Zellige Tile