Reluctant Designer’s Wise Choice!

Let's face it, it is always easy to say "oh, wow! Look at that new design. It's awesome. I wish, I was re-decorating my place, I would so use this new pattern/material "  .. And when it's time to actually making the decision on an interior design project, whether it's a renovation or a totally brand new project, great hesitations sink into the "bay of decisions". "Would it be too bold?" "Am I really this rebel?" or even "Can I commit to this choice?" .."Should I go with a classic design?" after all, classic is classic, right? .. Never dies, never fades, and never goes out of fashion ... right! But classic can be also "ordinary" therefore, we hate to say this but little bit "Boring".

Not exact very words above but our designer Alan Guneri had more or less the similar hesitant words when he landed on one of his good friend's renovation project. This was a downtown Jersey City, duplex condo. Given the plenty of light coming into the apartment thru cathedral ceiling windows, widen up his color choices. He also sensed that the project owner friend was leaning towards more "contemporary" style rather than "classic" .. So, the biggest challenge of all was now over. When it came to floor and wall coverings, going ahead with cement tiles, also known as encaustic tiles, was not only a modern but also a creative choice.  Especially 3D cement tiles for bathroom walls would be perfect choice for a "modern" bathroom wall design.

After the messy and dusty demolition there it was! A wall of designer’s canvas, which quickly covered with Alan’s choice of 3D black hexagon cement tiles. Contrary to our concern, cutting the corners and edges of these tiles was in fact, much easier than cutting marble or most other natural stones. After our contractor installed the 8” square cement tiles to the floor, we were delighted to see the end result.