Valuable Tips on How to Measure Cement Tile

Valuable Tips on How to Measure Cement Tile

The majority of the cement tile that we readily available comes in 8"x8". Cemento Collection also, stocks a few other sizes for custom cement tiles. Trim pieces as well as stair treads for solids can be obtained in an array of sizes.

Often, we have found that it's much simpler to determine the amount of cement tiles that will be needed to order when you calculate your floor's dimensions in inches.

You will need to multiply the amount of feet by twelve inches for every foot. Next, you'll need to divide the amount of inches by ten or eight inches per cement tile. This sum equals the amount of cement tiles in the area. Repeat the same arithmetical solution for all other rooms and/or areas. Keep in mind to multiply the amount of cement tiles for length via the amount of cement tiles for the width and you'll know exactly the amount of tiles that you'll need to order.

Cemento Collection strongly recommends that you order approximately 10 to 15 percent more to have in the event of any mishaps and also, for edge cuts and the likes.

Cemento Collection cement tiles were designed to be placed very close together. Disregard the grout space, when determining how many cement tiles to order.

If there's an area - such as a bedroom with a closet, we suggest for you to lay down cement tiles for closet floors, as well. When utilizing single color borders - you can extend the single color cement tile into the closet. When you do this, you'll notice a substantial amount of savings in cost.

In rooms where you're utilizing patterned cement tiles and a border - measurements are calculated and taken a bit differently. Cemento Collection can assist you with this just the same. You will need to decide whether or not if you want your patterned design to be in the center of the room or placed in a different fashion.

We encourage you to divide rooms in rectangles, especially if the shape of the room is uneven and/or irregular from the norms.

In order to determine the amount of cement tiles that will be needed per square footage of the area, utilize the multipliers to calculate how many tiles you need to order.

Remember! Matching solid color 2”x8” cement tiles maybe a good alternative to finish borders and edges. Please see our “brick tiles” for possible matching tiles.

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