Small Home Improvement Projects You Can Do During The Outbreak (Covid-19)

Small Home Improvement Projects You Can Do During The Outbreak (Covid-19)

It is true that we all are experiencing some extraordinary times. What makes these days even more interesting is that most of us have to go true these days confined in their apartments or houses.

Reading or following the news on TV or social media can be addictive in a very negative way. The more you read or hear the more pessimistic and depressed you may become so, here’s our suggestion to you! Just forget that dark news for a while and think about this; Picture yourself having your morning coffee at your kitchen table and looking to your backsplash. Not your favorite material, color or shape? That’s because you settled with it when you walked into that place, never given a second thought or it has been along long time since you had it done with your significant other, maybe even with your “X”. It is about time to make that backsplash smile back to you with the most cheerful color of your choice. It is about time to turn the Corona crises into opportunity. Yes, YOU CAN DO IT! And it’s not only the backsplash in the kitchen. It could be bathroom shower walls, powder room walls, kitchen floor or foyer floor and walls. Just think about the colors, patterns, shapes, and materials that will cheer you up from the second you walk into your home all the way to the bathroom shower, kitchen etc. The possibilities are endless! Still, need some suggestions? Here one very interesting one for you: Cement tile, a.k.a. encaustic tile, artisanal classic, neo-classic and modern designs are elegantly hand crafted. Over 100 different patterns and shapes waiting for you to make the happiest choice of your Corona times. We thought that the below link might be a helpful tutoring video for you. It shows how to install cement tiles with simple tools.

As you will see on this helpful video, sealing the cement tile is very important before and after the grouting. We highly recommend DryTreat Stain Proof Original for sealing the cement tiles during and after the installation. Usually 1 quart covers up to 60 square feet area. Stay alert, stay safe, stay healthy and most of all, stay creative. Enjoy!


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