4x4 Fes Bright White Matte



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One tile is equal to 0.11 ft

Sq. Ft. Per Box: 7.33

Introducing our latest and much-anticipated offering, the Fes Ceramic Tile Collection. This stunning line takes inspiration from the vivid beauty and rich history of the Moroccan city, Fes, a place where ancient artistry and architecture meld seamlessly with a vibrant modern spirit.

Each Fes Bright White Matte tile measures 4x4 inches, a versatile size perfect for adding visual intrigue and character to various spaces. From expansive living room floors and kitchen backsplashes to detailed bathroom walls, these tiles bring a touch of the exotic to any home.

Crafted with the highest quality ceramic, these tiles not only bring visual appeal but also offer robust longevity and durability. Ceramics, being an inherently strong material, is resistant to wear, scratching, and fading. This makes Fes Bright White Matte tiles ideal for high-traffic areas, ensuring they retain their charm for years to come.

The Fes Collection embodies a diverse palette of earthy tones, vibrant colors, and delicate patterns, reminiscent of Moroccan mosaic artistry. Each tile is meticulously crafted to celebrate the intricate patterns and dynamic aesthetics of Fes. This diversity allows for myriad design possibilities, enabling homeowners and interior designers to create spaces that truly reflect their unique tastes and personalities

- 4 inches Wide - 4 Inches Long - 7.33 sq ft per box - White Color - Suitable for Walls - Flat Edges - Matte Surface

Discover the allure of Fes Bright White Matte tiles. Inspired by Moroccan heritage, these 4x4 ceramic tiles elevate any space with vibrant colors and matte finishes. Durable and captivating for years to come.
Fes Bright White Matte Tile